Thursday, September 16, 2010

34th Post: New Beginning

It's been sometime since I flew to US, and I'm finally ready to make a new post. I guess I abandoned this blog for far too long that I myself nearly forget about its existence too. Well, this is my first post with pictures (from my own camera), yay~ Well, anyway, let's start with some photos from my campus.

One thing that I like about the campus is there's much greenery around, but that also mean more walking to be done...
This is supposed to be the sculpture of Marquis de Lafayette, the French general whom our school was named after.
The building behind the trees is the Library, I like it a lot though it can get very crowded at times.
This is the dorm I'm living in right now. Love its location in the center of the campus.
My dorm's front view. It was named Kirby House, supposedly a rich person who donated a lot of money to the college. There's a few other buildings named after him as well.
My room, how it looked like after I arrived on campus for a few days. It's much messier right now.

I ventured into a small town just below my college (did I mention that my college was on a hill?) on the first weekend.

The view of downtown from the hill.
The dreadful slope that I had to walk up and down twice a week as I had a class in a building downtown. Maybe I should petition for an elevator (like that's ever gonna happen).
The town square, with some stalls around it selling various stuff.
Well, I guess that's all for now. I know it'll be a looong time before I update again. So, farewell folks.

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